Lake Kaniere from the  Landing
                                                                                                               Welcome to the 
                                          The Lake Kaniere Scenic Triathlon
   This Triathlon event includes a Run, Kayak, Cycle Triathlon, a Swim, Run, Cycle Triathlon and a
                                         Run, Cycle Duathlon. This exciting event was the 2nd such event ever held in New Zealand.
                                                    The next Lake Kaniere Scenic Triathlon will be held in the
year 2021.
                                                                                                           "See You there!"
      All events for 2021 start and finish at Lake Kaniere's Hans Bay Hub and the prize giving will take place
                     at "Stumpers" Hotel Bar in Hokitika after  the event.



     Answers to questions coming in see below please.
Kayakers your kayak must meet installed flotation Rules!
No Electric powered Cycles Permitted....

  The Entry Form PDF is not a "Fillable Online" Form. This form needs to be copied filled in then copied and sent in digital
   or physical. If you do not have the means to achieve this then please send all details of the entry you are keen to enter, age,
   type of entry (Kayak tri, Swim tri Duathlon, whether team etc) to  and we will fill the entry in.
   Do not forget to pay the entry fee online at the same time please.

  Thank You All for a great event in 2020!

  In the Year of 2021
We do hope you are able to adjust your time table to
   compete in the Lake Kaniere Scenic Triathlon.

    For all Water users, this website
   Is compulsory viewing. We need to keep our waters free of Didymo. Non Compliance will mean no entry to the race Clean your kayaks thoroughly
   before the race please. Kayaks will be scrutineered from 9.25 to 9.40
Some controversy, In the Lake Kaniere triathlon if entering an event which has three disciplines, ( for instance the "Kayak Tri" )
   if entering with only two members the competitor competing in two of the disciplines needs to pay for each discipline they take part in.

   Cycle Course       Cycle Course Condition

    Breaking News

    Our 2021 event date, ( if held ) will be the 6th of March.
    With the Maritime NZ and DOC requirements now put on this event and also lack of volunteers,
    our Committee is seriously considering whether to continue.
    We will keep you posted on our final decision a.s.a.p.



        ENTRY FORM
Need a team member?
There is a cyclist who needs a partner / a swimmer/runner
                a runner or a runner and kayaker do you wish to make a team? contact us
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